Three Easy Ways You Can Change The World

Everyone dreams of changing the world, but in practice, it’s rather hard to execute. The world’s a big place, with a stream of problems surrounding each individual country, but that doesn’t mean you should conform to a life of apathy and indifference. World change begins locally, in your school, daily routine, and relationships. Follow these three tips on how you can change the world daily in your own community!

  1. Wake up with the attitude that YOU can change the world. Insecurity is every world changer’s kryptonite. Standing tall against differing beliefs is a hard thing to do, but it begins with the attitude that you are capable of igniting change. Every morning, begin your day by making an effort to leave people and places in a better state than what you originally found them in. It’s a tiny practice, but it puts you in control of your day and allows you to shape your world.
  1. Get involved at school. Since my freshman year, I was a member of the American Cancer Society and assisted with all publicity surrounding the club. However, as my junior and senior years progressed, our club members dwindled down, to the point where the leaders were the only members of the club. School offers an incredible outlet to cultivate change with your friends, but it’s up to you to make the intentional effort to join a club. Clubs are dying because people are losing the passion that it takes to be visible in the community for a cause that they stand firmly on. End the beliefs that teens are only good for tweeting and complaining by being active in service-oriented clubs, like Key Club, American Cancer Society (shameless plug), and Amnesty International. Pro-tip: if there are no clubs available, why not rally your friends to make your own club? You’ll not only be a change maker, but a history maker!
  1. Spark conversation. Teens constantly analyze each other – from the text messages we send to the overpriced clothes we wear. Why not use these as props for igniting conversation about issues that you care about? For example, the organization Do Something is offering free, temporary tattoos of bruises, scabs and other marks to create conversation about the signs of domestic abuse. One year, my school wore duct tape on our mouths (imagine a school day like that!) to show solitary for the millions of children who are left voiceless and oppressed. Organizations are always having a specific Wear ____ days, where people are encouraged to wear a specific color for a specific cause. Do it, and when someone compliments your outfit, be sure to slip in that it’s for the cause! Brownie points if you throw some statistics in there!

Everyone wants to be the front man of a revolution or the leader of a movement, but it’s in the little steps that will distinguish you from someone that changes the world, or conforms to the world. With every minute and mundane detail, you can make a difference!

By Julia Schemmer

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