YCBC Contact

Youngchange-Bestchange is extremely interested in interacting with both loyal subscribers and newcomers to the site.   Have any questions you want to ask us?  Suggestions for the site or the next article? Whatever it is, feel free to contact us through this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  You can also follow @ycbestchange on Twitter here or like us on Facebook to get regular updates on the site, exclusive content and critical information on key issues around the world.

Guest Posts

Interested in writing for the site?  Currently, we are accepting a limited number of guest posts for the near future.  Here are some basic guidelines if you choose to submit an article.

  • Please include a minimum of 400 words, and send submissions either through the contact form or at youngchangebestchange at gmail dot com.
  • Feel free to write about your personal experience, insights, or your best ideas on promoting change.  This part is intentionally a bit vague, as we wouldn’t want to limit the great ideas you have.  As long as it relates to activism or change, send it over!
  • You can include links to your site or article, but please don’t do it excessively.
  • As always, please watch your grammar and follow accepted language conventions.

If it fits the above criteria, we can stay in contact over email to work out when the article will be published.

Excited to work with you and see your submissions!


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