Three Easy Ways You Can Change The World

Everyone dreams of changing the world, but in practice, it’s rather hard to execute. Follow these three tips on how you can change the world daily in your own community!

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A Swiss Perspective: How to Break Out of the Prison of Perfectionism

I have lived all my life in Switzerland. Whenever I hear someone talk about it I hear how great this place is and how beautiful the nature is and how well everything is run. And it’s true, trains are on time, taxes are low and the wages are high. But something is wrong.

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Why We Really Don’t Need Perfectionism

Over the past few days I’ve found myself attending my sister’s graduation ceremonies from UCLA, where exceptional students were recognized for their outstanding achievements and seemingly perfect grades.

As one student was recognized for establishing not one but two charity organizations and completing his degrees with close to perfect grades, I could hear the audience murmur in awe at his achievements yet others seemed discouraged in comparison.

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