Our Mission

What We Stand For


Youngchange-Bestchange believes that change stemming from the younger generation can be the most powerful.  Unfortunately, many teenagers these days are content to sit back and allow other, older people to tell them what to believe in and what to do.  We’d like to change that.

The purpose of this site is to bring together young like-minded individuals through insightful commentary on crucial current events and by promoting activism at a grassroots level.  Together, we will explore hot political topics and social injustices, all with an emphasis on how youth can make an impact.   By educating and inspiring future game-changers, we can shape the world of tomorrow into a better place.

Collaborators Include


Youngchange-Bestchange strives to forge partnerships with other youth-run organizations across the world, and is a proud member of Youthcorp, a  global network of initiatives started by young adults who are dedicated to making a difference.  We have collaborated with organizations located from Nepal to Ghana and hope to continue this trend in the future by expanding upon the seventy five countries where Youngchange-Bestchange’s articles have been viewed.

We are also proud to have been featured by Project Next Generation, listed as a resource for change by Youth Powerhouse, and categorized as inspirational student activism on YES!’s website, an organization committed to working with young changemakers.